communicate with respecta

Environmental communication

comes across stronger with Burgo Respecta paper

Responsibility is a strength for companies. This is why it should be communicated using the most appropriate medium. Burgo Respecta papers are the ideal solution for communication focusing on the environment or company environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Respecta is a range of FSC® certified coated fine papers that ensures:
  • fibre comes from a responsible source in environmental, economic and social terms
  • use of pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled fibre
  • reduction of CO2 emissions
  • eco-compatible production processes

Respecta is the winner hands-down if you want to give a real boost to company green communication.

The Burgo Respecta range is ideal for environmental reports, Corporate Social Responsibility documents and gives added value to every publication or publishing project that aims to express care for the environment and not only this: from catalogues to magazines and photographic books.

Respecta is a range designed for prestigious printing, with a pleasant feel and excellent brightness. With this range Burgo provides a winning combination of respect for the environment and printing quality.

So now it's up to you!
The responsible paper
Respecta is a range of coated fine papers for prestigious printing, FSC® certified and with up to 100% recycled fibre content
noble fibre: FSC certified pulp high quality FSC certified post-consumer recycled pulp eco-compatible paper mills: ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified mills, full compliance with European regulations concerning chemicals (REACH), use of pulp bleached without using chlorine (ECF-TCF)clean energy: highly efficient biomass and turbogas cogeneration plants, hydroelectric power stations Burgo Respecta: clear and well-defined reproduction of images, impeccable chromatic performance, excellent opacity, outstanding printing gloss, FSC Mix or FSC 100% Recycled (Credit System) certifiedGamma: Respecta (certificata FSC Mix), Respecta 60 (certificata FSC Mix contenente il 60% di fibra riciclata), Respecta 100 (certificata FSC recycled 100%)
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Burgo Respecta